Ethiam Corporation is the premier provider of ergonomics and wellness services.

The name “Ethiam” is connected to awakening, vitality, knowledge and inspiration — words that our expert staff of consultants deliver every day to our clients.

The Ethiam Corporation team understands that complex business problems often have simple but well-hidden causes that are difficult to identify, approach, and resolve. Addressing these problems correctly requires professionals who can bring industry-derived and research-based experience, unparalleled analytical skill and unbiased judgment of the situation.


Custom Solutions for Your Business Challenge

If you struggle with skyrocketing liability expenses, snowballing healthcare budgets, ineffective wellness efforts and uncontrollable turnover rates, it might be time to bring in an industry expert to help you regain control. Having a healthy company can give you an immediate competitive advantage and positively affect your bottom line.

Ethiam Corporation will …

  • Employ top Certified Ergonomics Specialists and Wellness Consultants
  • Diligently work to understand your company’s challenges and culture
  • Take a customized, innovative approach to meet your needs
  • Provide services when and where needed
  • Help to develop appropriate solutions that will work for your company and culture
  • Teach on how to generate a return on wellness and ergonomics investments
  • Build long-term relationships with our clients

Our Services will…

  • Allow to promote safety and prevent injuries
  • Help to improve employee productivity
  • Empower control of medical expenses
  • Improve employee morale and retention
  • Reduce liability and risk of medical claims
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