National Safety Month: Workplace Safety Outside of Work

As we mentioned and recently discussed in a previous article, the month of June is National Safety Month. The NSC (National Safety Council) uses this month to focus on raising awareness for those safety issues that are a leading cause of injuries. In our last article, we highlighted how important safety was while at work, however, this time, we would like to expound on how important workplace safety is in connection to life outside of work.

It’s no secret that work can follow us home. If there is a high level of stress or if an incident occurs at work, we will carry that home with us. When we carry work home, that directly affects our families. EHS Today points out that, “Three times as many employees are injured off the job than while at work.” It’s important to know that while bringing work home with you is often unavoidable, it’s important to also take home the safety practices you have at work.

We like to stress, along with the NSC, that safety practices do not only include physical aspects but also mental. Things such as work stress and work fatigue can greatly affect a person outside of work just as much as it does while at work. Ergonomics is often used in workplaces to reduce stress and fatigue which positively reflects on a person’s rest of the day, on and off the job.  Stress and fatigue are dangerous in and out of work. Both cause a person to be distracted, unfocused, and often lead to an uncooperative or uncaring attitude.

Work is one of the leading causes of stress and fatigue which is why it’s so important for workplace safety to be taken seriously in all aspects. The Huffington Post states that, “More companies are hiring, but workers are still weary and stressed out from years of a troubled economy that has brought about longer hours, layoffs and budget cuts.” They go on to point out that around 83% of Americans are stressed while at work and find it difficult to break free from that stress while outside of work. This is why the need for workplace safety that covers all aspects of the spectrum is needed, now, more than ever.

Overall, remember that workplace safety is very important in more ways than one. It not only affects your job but also your life, your safety, and others’ safety outside of work. Join us in taking part in National Safety Month and raising awareness. For questions or more information, contact us!


Sources: The Huffington Post, NSC, EHS Today