Ergonomics for Healthcare Cost Reduction

Are healthcare costs one of your company’s largest expenses?

Ergonomics solutions can reduce that burden.Healthcare costs account for a huge portion of your company’s bottom line. Not only is insurance expensive, but if your employees are missing time due to illness or injury, that means they are spending less time helping your business stay productive.


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Ergonomics for Healthcare Cost Reduction

Ergonomics programs save companies 60-90% on average on their healthcare budget.

That’s a big number and a big impact.Time lost at work is not just a burden on the employee who is missing time; it has a tangible impact on the overall performance of the whole company. When you factor in the injury, potential surgery, medical expenses, rehabilitation services and the possibility of bringing in temporary help to fill the void, an employee injury can balloon quickly.

Ethiam can find solutions both big and small to improve the ergonomics environment in your workspace. Positioning and proximity can go a long way, but you need a trained eye to spot the areas that need adjustment. The team at Ethiam is comprised of the most knowledgeable experts in the field.

Save on Healthcare Expenses

Ethiam can find ways to help your employees stay healthy through adjustments to the work environment you are providing. Less injury and illness equal less money spent on health-related expenses. And that means more success for your company.

Companies need to take advantage of any opportunity they can to save money. Ergonomics assessments provide a true impact on the bottom line of your healthcare plan. Allow Ethiam to get started with an assessment to find out where your hidden opportunities lie.

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