Ergonomics for In-House Injury Prevention

What if there was a way to avoid common injuries in your workplace?

Sometimes everyday injuries can be avoided through practical solutions. 27% of the U.S. workforce is impacted by chronic back pain (source:, the leading cause of disability. In many industries, from warehouses to food service companies, employers and employees alike assume that it’s just part of the job, but this isn’t so. An ergonomics assessment from the experts at Ethiam can help your team avoid injuries that are often thought to be unavoidable.

Turn Common Injuries into Rare Occurrences

Ergonomics for In-House Injury Prevention

$1 spent on Ergonomics saves $3-$6 in long-term expenses and lost wages.

An investment in an ergonomics assessment pays off. Most companies know that they have ergonomics issues, but think they will never catch up to them. You might have many employees with the same issues, from carpal tunnel syndrome to chronic back pain, so you assume that’s just the way things are. But Ethiam can change all of that.

Keep injuries down and profitability up.

A healthy team is an asset that has a larger impact on your bottom line than just about any other metric by which you measure success. All the other numbers on your profitability reports are irrelevant if the people making it happen are out of work due to injuries. You need your team at 100%. And the truth is, you might never have seen your team performing at their top capacity.

Achieve that with Ethiam.

Reduce Injury and Increase Capacity

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