Ethiam Corporation is dedicated to providing you with ergonomics solutions that fit.

Awakening. Vitality. Knowledge. Inspiration. All of these words are connected to the name “Ethiam.” They are words that our staff of experts strive to exemplify each and every day.

Whether you own a small business or a major corporation, there is no limit to the mental and financial benefits you reap from enhancing your ergonomic environment.

Some issues that seem insurmountable are easily resolved with minor adjustments, but only a team with the unparalleled analytical skill and research-based approach of Ethiam Corporation can bring these changes to light. Whether you are fixing a problem that you’re already aware of, or troubleshooting to prevent crisis in the future, the team at Ethiam provides real-world solutions with first-class service and long-term dedication to the success of your business.

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Ethiam's Approach

Our solutions do not begin with pre-packaged products or programs; they begin with learning about your specific challenges and goals.

  • Health insurance premiums rising quickly?
  • Spending too much on workers’ compensation cases?
  • Dealing with increased absenteeism and high employee turnover rates?
  • Aiming for increased employee productivity?
  • Want to improve your employees’ work satisfaction and create a better workspace?
  • Does your board think you're spending too much on a wellness program with no results?
  • Are you looking for a more personal experience than software can provide?
Sound Familiar?Your VP of Finance fell off the treadmill while reading your yearly report.
Sound Familiar?Anyone else think the chairs and work stations are really uncomfortable?
Sound Familiar?Jane took seven sick days last month, and she just called to take off the day again?
Sound Familiar?Mark seems tired lately, and says he’s fatigued when he gets home. Anything we can do to help?

How can an ergonomics assessment from Ethiam help you?

Ergonomics solutions are about so much more than physical health. They aren’t just solutions for your body, they are the answer to many of the problems that plague businesses and drain resources. From skyrocketing liability expenses to snowballing healthcare budgets, ergonomic wellness helps you control financial risks to your company while creating a more inviting and inspirational space for your employees. You can’t afford to lose your team to time spent away from work for illness or injury. Your people are your most valuable asset. Take the first step towards creating the best environment for them, as well as your business, by scheduling an ergonomics assessment from Ethiam.

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The Ethiam Advantage:

  • Employing the world’s top ergonomic specialists
  • Dilligently working to understand your company’s challenges and culture
  • Taking a customized and innovative approach in order to meet your needs
  • Providing services when, and where, they are needed
  • Building long-term relationships with our clients
  • Follow-up that can be matched by software-based assessment

Ethiam helps you get the most out of your company.

  • Foster a safer working environment with less injuries
  • Gain improved employee productivity
  • Improve company morale and retention
  • Reduce the high cost of medical expenses
  • Cut down on exposure to the risk and liability of medical claims