Lunch Series and Seminars

How Can My Company Benefit from Continuing Ergonomics Education with Ethiam?

We’re guessing that your company stays up to date on hot new equipment that develops for your industry. You change your computer software and storage programs frequently so that you aren’t left behind. You probably even update the K-Cups in your break room to accommodate the latest trend in designer coffee.

But how do you stay current with trends that can impact the day-to-day performance and morale of your most valuable asset: your employees?

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Lunch Series and Seminars

Lunch Series

Your management team might benefit from a refresher course on day to day awareness tips to increase ergonomic health. Maybe you just want a particular segment of your staff to sit down to discuss ergonomic efficiency. Whatever the case, if you have a small group that needs less formal and more interactive discussion, the lunch series is perfect for you. We can discuss industry standards or get right into your team’s specific issues. Either way, the benefit of the lunch series by Ethiam’s ergonomics experts is immediate and impactful.

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Your whole company can benefit from an in-depth seminar on ergonomic health as well. Large groups, union meetings, conferences and symposiums: we do it all. Our experts deliver informative and entertaining education sessions designed to help you understand the impact of ergonomics on your group’s physical, mental and financial health.

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Ergonomics Solutions

Ergonomics solutions are among the most impactful and cost-effective ways to increase your financials, so why not invest some time in educating yourself and your team on the latest advances in the field? No matter the industry, and whether you want a small group or large group setting, we can provide quality and informative sessions that are targeted toward making you a smarter, healthier and more profitable company.

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